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Nursing Homes

Birch Hill Health Services
1475 Birch Hill Lane
Shawano WI 54166-3707
(715)526-3161   Fax: (715)524-5896
Sandi Schneider, Administrator

Request Info - Birch Hill Health Services Map  Member Since 2013 


Evergreen Health Services
1250 S. Evergreen Street
Shawano WI 54166-3514
(715)526-3107   Fax: (715)524-8037
Brandon Willms, Administrator

Request Info - Evergreen Health Services Map  Member Since 1998 


Homme Home of Wittenberg
604 S. Webb Street
Wittenberg WI 54499-9040
(715)253-2125   Fax: (715)253-3198
Mr. Steve Seybold, Executive Director
Other Contacts: Bruce Schlei, Administrator, Kathy Unverzagt, Executive Assistant

Request Info - Homme Home of Wittenberg Map  Member Since 2011 


Maple Lane Health Services
N4231 State Hwy. 22
Shawano WI 54166-6130
(715)526-3158   Fax: (715)524-9969
Ms. Cheryl Jashinsky, Administrator
Other Contacts: Linda Baldwin, Admin Assistant, Robin Sperberg

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Shawano Health Services
1436 S. Lincoln Street
Shawano WI 54166-3427
(715)526-6111   Fax: (715)524-5708
Jessica Hammons, Executive Director
Other Contacts: Noell DeBauch, Director of Nursing, Miranda Hartlaben, Admissions Director

Request Info - Shawano Health Services Map  Member Since 1987 

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