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College of Menominee Nation
N172 State Hwy 47/55
PO Box 1179
Keshena WI 54135-1179
(715)799-5600   Fax: (715)799-1308
Christopher Caldwell, Interim President
Other Contacts: Ms. Melinda Cook, Chief of Staff, Ms. Debbie Downs, Ms. Tessa James, Director of Enrollment & Advancement, Mr. Dale Kakkak, Ms. Irene Kiefer, Director of Advancement, Mr. Brian Kowalkowski, Dean of Continuing Education, Theresa Martin, TRIO/SSS Academic Coach, Ms. Diana Morris, Interim President, Mr. Luis Ortiz, Enrollment Manager, Austin Retzlaff, Ms. Ann Walenski, Business Faculty, Ms. Carey Wayka

Map  Member Since 1994 


Northcentral Technical College
402 N. Genesee Street #3
Wittenberg WI 54499-8240
(715)253-3500   Fax: (715)253-3694
Shanna Hackel, Dean of Regional Campuses
Other Contacts: Sherry Resch, Customer Service Rep-Wittenberg, Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe, Business Development Manager

Request Info - Northcentral Technical College Map  Member Since 2011 


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
111 Thomas Avenue
Shawano WI 54166-7069
(715)524-2418   Fax: (715)524-8770
Jeannie Otto, Regional Manager
Other Contacts: Alicia Stichman, Jodi Tetting, Administrative Assistant, Ms. Marney Verhasselt, Training Solutions Consultant

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School District of Bonduel
400 W. Green Bay Street
Bonduel WI 54107-9302
Joe Dawidziak, Superintendent

Map  Member Since 2015 


Shawano School District
218 Cty Road B
Shawano WI 54166-7054
(715)526-3194   Fax: (715)526-6072
Ms. Randi Anderson, Superintendent
Other Contacts: Ms. Amie Beyersdorf, School Counselor, Jeff Easter, Director of Buildings & Grounds, Ms. Louise Fischer, Business Manager, Jennifer Kamke Black, Ms. Kim Klister, Pupil Services Director, Rhonda Krueger, Ms. Lori Sherman, Ms. Karen Smith, Mr. Steve Stomberg, Kelley Strike, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Mr. Rex Wachtel, Joel Wondra, Athletic Director, Mr. Scott Zwirschitz, Principal



Wolf River Lutheran High School
W7467 River Bend Rd
Shawano WI 54166
(715)745-2400   Fax: (715)745-2496
Jim Oberstein
Other Contacts: Ms. Jean Beauprey, Secretary, Mr. Jerry Jiter, Principal

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