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1456 E. Green Bay Street
PO Box 456
Shawano WI 54166-2258
(715)524-2194   Fax: (715)524-9980
Mr. Eric Voight, General Manager/Sales Manager
Other Contacts: Mr. Bruce Grassman, Mr. Don Grassman, President, Tracy Sirna, Jay Van Stiphout, News/Sports Director, Kayla Williams, Programming/Account Executive

Request Info - WTCH-AM / WOWN-FM / WJMQ-FM / WOTE-AM Map  Member Since 1946 


Wagner Leadership Training
N6928 County Road BB
Oconto Falls WI 54154-9421
Mr. Hank Wagner, Owner

Request Info - Wagner Leadership Training Map  Member Since 2014 


Wal Mart Super Center
1244 E. Green Bay Street
Shawano WI 54166-2208
(715)524-5980   Fax: (715)524-3611
Mr. Jeremy Pralle, Manager
Other Contacts: Sue Rosenburg



Wallrich Agency Inc.
304 E. Green Bay Street
PO Box 90
Shawano WI 54166-0090
(715)526-2156   Fax: (888)620-9495
Mr. Cap Wallrich
Other Contacts: Ginny Jesse, Chris Klemens, Amy Vue, Mr. Aaron Wallrich

Request Info - Wallrich Agency Inc. Map  Member Since 1926 


Walls of Wittenberg
PO Box 188
Wittenberg WI 54499-0188
Mrs. Elaine Knab, President
Other Contacts: Elaine Diffor, Vice President, Ms. Jan Young, Treasurer

Request Info - Walls of Wittenberg  Member Since 2007 


Wandering Waves Resort
W5425 North Shore Drive
Shawano WI 54166-1469
Ms. Vicki Radue

Request Info - Wandering Waves Resort Map  Member Since 2003 


War Bonnet Native Gifts
N4531 State Hwy 22
Shawano WI 54166
Karen Dillenburg, Owner
Other Contacts: Leo Dillenburg, Owner

Map  Member Since 2020 


Warren Nett & Associates LLC
101 S. Main Street
Shawano WI 54166-2357
(715)526-4321   Fax: (715)526-2997
Ms. Mary Nett

Request Info - Warren Nett & Associates LLC Map  Member Since 1992 


We Are People
N6217 Lake Drive
Shawano WI 54166-3900
Ms. Barbara Driscoll, Treasurer

Map  Member Since 2007 


Wegner Hoffman & Associates LLC
103 Alpine Court
Shawano WI 54166-0059
(715)526-3831   Fax: (715)526-4237
Roseann Hoffman
Other Contacts: Doreen Dudek, Staff Accountant, Amy Kroenke, Gloria Pagel

Request Info - Wegner Hoffman & Associates LLC Map  Member Since 1989 


Wenger's Waters Edge Resort
215 W. Freeborn Street
Cecil WI 54111-9273
(920)533-4445   Fax: (920)533-3032
Mr. John & Laurie Wenger

Request Info - Wenger´s Waters Edge Resort Map  Member Since 2001 


White Pines Lodge
N9117 Big Lake Road
Gresham WI 54128
(715)787-4800   Fax: (715)787-4808
Mr. Jeff White

Request Info - White Pines Lodge Map  Member Since 1999 


Wholistic Yoga Center LLC
N6991 Sunset Ave
Shawano WI 54166-2358
Ms. Silvia Voss

Request Info - Wholistic Yoga Center  LLC Map  Member Since 2013 


Willowbreeze Lakefront Cottages
W5977 Lake Drive
PO Box 492
Shawano WI 54166-0492
Ms. Patti Peterson

Request Info - Willowbreeze Lakefront Cottages Map  Member Since 2000 


Wisconsin Document Imaging
1850 Velp Avenue
Green Bay WI 54303-6448
(920)593-1800   Fax: (920)593-1831
Mr. Brian Titulaer

Request Info - Wisconsin Document Imaging Map  Member Since 2010 


Wisconsin Film & Bag Inc.-A Novolex Company
3100 E. Richmond Street
Shawano WI 54166-3845
(715)524-2565   Fax: (715)524-8036
Mr. Grant Gamble, V.P. General Manager
Other Contacts: Kurt Boldig, Quality Manager, Leann Gueths, Regional Manager, Ms. Kathy Johnson, Adminstrative Assistant & Office Manager, Ryan LaRock, Production Supervisor

Map  Member Since 1970 


Wittenberg Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 284
Wittenberg WI 54499-0284
Sally Jo Stevens
Other Contacts: Travis Rose

Request Info - Wittenberg Area Chamber of Commerce  Member Since 2014 


Wolf River Builders Association
PO Box 595
Shawano WI 54166-0595
Mr. Nathan Falk, Executive Officer
Other Contacts: Mark Flunker, President, Darci Kotter, Vice President, Don Pederson, Treasurer, Lori Zuleger, Secretary

Request Info - Wolf River Builders Association  Member Since 2005 


Wolf River Dental
152 Woodlawn Drive
PO Box 270
Shawano WI 54166-0495
(715)526-3314   Fax: (715)524-9893
Dr. Paul Mantz
Other Contacts: Kimberly Jones, Practice Manager

Request Info - Wolf River Dental Map  Member Since 1979 


Wolf River Habitat for Humanity
414 E.Elizabeth St.
PO Box 532
Shawano WI 54166-0532
Dr. Kevin Culhane, President
Other Contacts: Mr. Mark Flunker, Executive Director, Mr. Ross Fugill, Secetary, Ms. Darci Kotter, Vice President, Mr. Roger Olson, Treasurer

Request Info - Wolf River Habitat for Humanity Map  Member Since 2006 


Wolf River Harmony Chorus
PO Box 603
Shawano WI 54166-0182
Priscilla King, Secretary
Other Contacts: Barbara Meloy, Vice President, Ms. Mary Richards, Treasurer, Jennifer Rozga, Director, Ms. Kris Tetting, President

Request Info - Wolf River Harmony Chorus  Member Since 2006 


Wolf River Lutheran High School
W7467 River Bend Rd
Shawano WI 54166
(715)745-2400   Fax: (715)745-2496
Jim Oberstein
Other Contacts: Ms. Jean Beauprey, Secretary, Mr. Jerry Jiter, Principal

Request Info - Wolf River Lutheran High School Map  Member Since 2011 


Wolf River School To Work / Youth Apprenticeship Program
PO Box 310
Bonduel WI 54107-0310
Ms. Laura Warning

Request Info - Wolf River School To Work / Youth Apprenticeship Program


The Woodland
420 Main Street
Gresham WI 54128-9520
(715)787-4700   Fax: (715)787-4808
Mr. Jeff White
Other Contacts: Mr. Alex White

Request Info - The Woodland Map  Member Since 2011 


Woodstock Hardwood Flooring & Design Center
360 US Hwy 45
PO Box 189
Birnamwood WI 54414-0189
(715)449-2279   Fax: (877)283-6421
Mr. Philip Kersten, President
Other Contacts: Mr. Kyle VanOrder, Accounts Manager

Request Info - Woodstock Hardwood Flooring & Design Center Map  Member Since 2013 

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