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Dale, Danielle KI-Krueger International (715)758-7100(715)758-7200 
Dallas, Terri GENEX (715)526-2141(715)526-7577 
Dalve, Richard Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center (715)793-4144(715)793-4120 
Darling, Jean Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine (715)304-8383(715)526-2542 
Darling, Jean Total Fitness (715)526-2899 
Davel, James Shawano County (715)526-9150(715)524-5157 
Davids, Steve North Star Mohican Casino Resort (715)787-2518(715)787-3129 
Dawidziak, Joe School District of Bonduel (715)758-4861 
De Jesus, Valerie ThedaCare Physicians (715)524-1550(715)916-3029 
DeSantis, Rick The Harvest Restaurant (715)253-3600 
DeVeau, Reese Knope Heating & Air Conditioning (715)524-4215(715)526-9491 
DeWinter, Dana Shawano Pathways (608)886-3024 
Delabreau, Joan Menominee Tribal Enterprises (715)756-2311 
Denny, Brian North Star Mohican Casino Resort (715)787-2504(715)787-3129 
Department, Marketing UNITY Hospice & Palliative Care (800)990-9249(920)339-6795 
Detrick, Cheryl Newcap, Inc (800)242-7334 
Diamond, Kayla College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Dieck, Larry Marion Area Historical Society  
Diffor, Elaine Walls of Wittenberg (715)253-2991 
Dillenburg, Arland A.E.A.R. Inc (715)853-9747 
Dillenburg, Joseph Wolf River Home Inspection (715)201-8385 
Dillenburg, Karen War Bonnet Native Gifts (715)701-9324 
Dillenburg, Kate Gresham Advancement Association (715)787-4410 
Dillenburg, Leo War Bonnet Native Gifts (715)853-7002 
Divjak, Dr Angela ThedaCare Physicians (715)524-1550(715)916-3029 
Dixon, Jody & Cindy Dixon's Torchlite (715)526-5680 
Dixon III, Vyron Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (715)799-5114(715)799-3373 
Dobberstein, Todd Shawano Area Waterways Management (715)526-6390 
Dombrowski, Jody NAPA - Hometown Auto Parts, Inc. (715)524-6272(715)524-3571 
Dommer, Kriszrina KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Downs, Debbie College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Doyle Keszo, Roxanne 1Vision (715)526-3163(715)526-4019 
Dreier, Tim Dreier Pharmacy & Gift Shoppe, Inc. (715)526-2011(715)524-6377 
Dreier-Huntington, Jessica Dreier Pharmacy & Gift Shoppe, Inc. (715)526-2011(715)524-6377 
Drengler, Pastor Mark St. James Lutheran Church, School (715)524-4815(715)524-4876 
Driscoll, Barbara We Are People (715)851-0229 
Dudek, Doreen Radtke-Reuter Electric LLC (715)526-3811(715)524-3897 
Dudek, Doreen Shawano Cty. Friends of the Mountain Bay Trail, Inc. (920)639-2437 
Dumke, Robert Cobbler's Closet (715)524-3117(715)524-3117 
Duquaine, Lil World Wide Signs (715)758-2146(715)758-8508 
Durante, Rick World Wide Signs (715)758-2146(715)758-8508 

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