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Gabrhel, Casey Wolf River Dental (715)526-3314 
Gagas, Gene Farmer Gene's Campground, LLC (715)754-5900(715)754-5793 
Gagel, Julie Shoe Sensation, Inc. (715)526-5611(812)288-7747 
Gagnon, Bryan & Julie B & J Custom Graphics (715)526-3933(715)526-1813 
Gagnow, Paul & Sarah Complete Canine Care Centre (715)524-2838(715)524-2988 
Gajewski, Jaime Shawano Title Services Inc. (715)526-3178(715)524-5384 
Gajewski, Jaime ThedaCare Shawano-Friends of Hospice (715)524-5294 
Gajewski, Rob Shawano Title Services Inc. (715)851-1909(715)524-5384 
Gallagher, Peggy Peggy Gallagher (715)853-2767 
Galleske, Traci State Bank (715)526-2265 
Gamble, Grant Wisconsin Film & Bag Inc.-A Novolex Company (715)524-2565(715)524-8036 
Gansen, Janalee Janalee Gansen (715)526-5325 
Garbelman, Pat Shawano County Literacy Council (715)524-4366 
Garefino, Peggy Garefino, Peggy (715)524-5868 
Garthus, Tia American Transmission Company (608)877-3667(920)338-6508 
Gast, Dan CoVantage Credit Union (715)524-8200(715)524-8203 
Gast, Larry The United Lutheran Parish-TULP (715)787-3367 
Gauthier, Greg Foxwood Associates, Inc. (920)676-5910 
Gayhart, Andrew Harter's Fox Valley Disposal (715)253-2619(715)253-2955 
Gazeley, Joe Glas Coffeehouse (715)851-4527 
Gazzolo, Glenn Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats (715)253-4012(715)253-4021 
Gee, Autumne Sacred Heart Parish Center (715)526-2023(715)526-4105 
Gehm, Jessica Gehm's Club 117 (715)508-0123 
Gehm, Russ Gehm's Club 117 (715)853-8425 
Gehrke, Linda Shawano Specialty Papers (715)526-2181(920)496-4612 
Gerber, Steve Premier Community Bank (715)524-8100(715)524-8101 
Gilling, Chelsea Anew Emporium (715)201-1111 
Gillis, Beth ThedaCare Physicians (715)524-2161(715)524-8164 
Glysch, Scott Bay Title & Abstract Inc. (715)526-6100(715)526-6172 
Gobin, Patty American Transmission Company (608)877-7077(920)338-6508 
Goers, Doug & Joyce Doug & Joyce Goers (715)526-2944 
Graf, Andy CRI (715)526-2141(715)526-7577 
Graf, Keith Contractors Choice Lumber LLC (715)851-8101(715)201-0384 
Graper, Lois The United Lutheran Parish-TULP (715)787-3367 
Grassman, Bruce WTCH-AM / WOWN-FM / WJMQ-FM / WOTE-AM (715)524-2194(715)524-9980 
Grassman, Don WTCH-AM / WOWN-FM / WJMQ-FM / WOTE-AM (715)524-2194(715)524-9980 
Greenhill, Elsie ThedaCare Shawano-Friends of Hospice (715)526-7149 
Gretzinger, Jeremy Gretzinger's Landscaping & Evergreens LLC (715)853-7027 
Grignon, David Menominee Indian Tribe Historic Preservation (715)799-3757(715)799-5298 
Groth, Michael Computer Haus (715)526-3222(715)524-6740 
Groth, Sandra CRI (715)526-7509(715)526-7577 
Grover, Steve KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Gruett, Ginger Atrium Post Acute Care of Shawano at Evergreen (715)526-3107(715)524-8037 
Grulkowski, Bonnie CRI (715)526-2141(715)526-7577 
Gueths, Dawn BMO Harris Bank (715)526-7431(715)526-5085 
Gueths, Leann Wisconsin Film & Bag Inc.-A Novolex Company (715)524-2565(715)524-8036 
Gulan, Steve Shawano Specialty Papers (715)526-2181(920)496-4612 
Gull, Chris Prime Powersports (715)524-6287(715)524-3139 

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