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Kaiser, David St. James Lutheran Church, School (715)524-4815(715)524-4876 
Kakkak, Dale College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Kakkak, Gena Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (715)799-5114(715)799-3373 
Kallas, Andie EXIT Elite Realty (715)940-0020(715)940-0091 
Kallies, Randy Kallies Electric Inc. (715)524-3201(715)524-5428 
Kamke, Jim Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group (715)526-6148(715)526-3669 
Kamke Black, Jennifer Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Kammerer, Jeffrey Great Wolf Tubing Co., LLC (715)524-8823 
Kandler, Buzz and Sue Knotty Pine Vacation Home (618)588-4028 
Kapp, Kay Prevea Health (888)277-3832 
Kary, Chad The Launching Pad (715)524-4098 
Katchenago, Linda Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Kaun, Barb Challenge the Outdoors, Inc (920)593-6300 
Kazik, Emily Denmark State Bank (920)328-1202(715)201-0184 
Kellogg, Roger Kellogg's Kampsites (715)526-2824 
Kennedy, Chris NEW Media LLC (715)526-2121(715)524-3941 
Kerber, David KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Kerber, David Telumi, Inc. D/B/A Perkin's Restaurant (715)524-2900(715)524-6304 
Kerber, Karen KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Kersten, Paul Kersten Accounting & Tax Pros (715)574-2593(715)524-6449 
Kersten, Philip Woodstock Hardwood Flooring & Design Center (715)449-2279(877)283-6421 
Kieckhafer, Trish Stone Creations of Wisconsin, Inc. (715)526-8690(715)526-8692 
Kiefer, Irene College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Kielman, Brenda Prevea Health (888)277-3832 
Kilmer, Josh Hearing Life (715)524-2688 
King, Priscilla Wolf River Harmony Chorus (715)853-6600 
King, Sandra Burlap & Barn Quilts (715)524-5355 
Kleinschmidt, Amy ThedaCare Physicians (715)524-2161(715)524-8164 
Kleinschmidt, Pastor Travis St. Jakobi Lutheran Church (715)524-4347 
Klemens, Chris Wallrich Agency Inc. (715)526-2156(888)620-9495 
Kline, William New View Industries (920)855-2128(920)834-6418 
Klingbeil, Bryon Shawano County Literacy Council (715)524-6506 
Klingbeil, Xandie Shawano County Literacy Council (715)524-6506 
Klister, Kim Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Klister, Mark & Paul Shawano Sports Park (715)853-7264 
Klotzbuecher, Kyle Northwestern Mutual (715)250-1517 
Klug, Mike Lebakkens Rent To Own (715)524-2022(715)524-2050 
Knaack, Nathan Pigeon River Brewing Co. (715)256-7721 
Knab, Elaine Walls of Wittenberg (817)455-5985 
Knapp, Brian City of Shawano (715)526-6151(715)526-5751 
Knapp, Brian Shawano Municipal Utilities (715)526-3132(715)524-3708 
Knaup, Jon & Sarah Hidden Valley Supper Club (715)754-5995 
Knope, Chloe Sherwin-Williams (715)526-1818(715)526-1844 
Knope, Dawn Dearco Distributing (715)526-2126(715)524-5575 
Knope, Dawn Shawano Optimist Club (715)853-6155 
Knope, Jeff Dearco Distributing (715)526-2126(715)524-5575 
Knope, Kort Knope Heating & Air Conditioning (715)524-4215(715)526-9491 
Koehler, Julie Reinhart Food Service (715)526-2118 
Koehler, Ron Lakeview Convenience LLC (715)745-4499 
Koehler, Vicki Lakeview Convenience LLC (715)745-4499 
Koeller, Janet Shawano Woman's Club (920)606-6975 
Koeller, John Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group (715)526-6148(715)526-3669 
Koeller, John Country Events At The Koeller Century Farm (715)853-6677 
Koeller, Linda Culligan of Shawano (715)526-2220(715)524-3039 
Koepp, Robert Shawano Municipal Utilities (715)526-3132(715)524-3708 
Koeppen, Lisa The Community Blood Center (800)280-4102 
Kolaske, Bill & Carrie Red Rooster Cafe & Catering LLC (715)758-6678 
Kolaske, Carrie Red Rooster Cafe & Catering LLC (715)758-6678 
Korbisch, Doreen Lutheran Social Services Homme Youth & Family Programs (715)253-2116(715)253-3586 
Kordus, Tony Shawano County (715)524-3181(715)524-5157 
Kosman, Tom The Cottages on Golden Pond & Memory Care (715)526-5166(715)526-5178 
Kotter, Darci AbbyBank (715)526-2265(715)526-2442 
Kotter, Darci Wolf River Habitat for Humanity (715)524-3007 
Kotter, Darci Wolf River Builders Association (715)853-2310 
Kowalkowski, Brian College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Kraft, Mona Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats (715)253-4008(715)253-4021 
Krause, Brian Shawano Pathways (715)340-6542 
Kroening Jr., Craig Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Kroenke, Amy Wegner Hoffman & Associates LLC (715)526-3831(715)526-4237 
Krueger, Angie ThedaCare At Home (920)969-0919(715)524-2167 
Krueger, Dennis Krueger Sign & Electric Inc. (715)524-5121(715)823-5393 
Krueger, Linda Pinery Patches LLC (715)535-2277 
Krueger, Mary Community Alternatives (715)526-5566(715)526-5574 
Krueger, Mike Krueger Sign & Electric Inc. (715)524-5121(715)823-5393 
Krueger, Rhonda Shawano School District (715)526-2175(715)526-6072 
Krueger-Rhode, Dawn Hurricane Dawn's (715)754-5138 
Kubiak, Curt Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley (888)731-6611(920)731-6732 
Kucksdorf, Richard Republican Party of Shawano County (715)758-8180 
Kuhn, Cory Kuhn's Bait & Tackle Palace (715)524-5252 
Kuhn, Penny Celerity Staffing Solutions (715)524-8882(608)238-2160 
Kuivinen, Randy R & L Resort (715)851-4210 
Kulas, Dana Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats (715)253-4000(715)253-4021 
Kunschke, Karissa GENEX (715)526-7586(715)526-7577 
Kunschke, Nicole CoVantage Credit Union (715)524-8200(715)350-4636 

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