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Madsen, Mary Shawano County Arts Council (715)526-2525 
Magee, Tamara Off the Wall Art Studio & Gallery (715)524-8810 
Magnin, Danielle New View Industries (920)855-2128(920)834-6418 
Maltbey, James & Jenny Old Glory Candy LLC (414)617-4495 
Maltbey, Jenny The Bolt & Skein Quilt Shop (715)201-1515 
Malueg, Amanda Z's Tree Services, LLC (920)883-8214 
Mangin, Katie Keller Inc. (920)759-3335(920)766-5004 
Mantz, Paul Wolf River Dental (715)526-3314(715)524-9893 
Marcks, Chris Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Marcks, Lynn Shawano Woman's Club (715)823-4829 
Marohl, Lynne Bonduel Community Archives (715)745-6376 
Marquardt, Keith Shawano County (715)526-5216(715)524-5157 
Marquardt, Keith Shawano County Park (715)526-5216 
Martin, Bill Martin's Hillstop LLC (715)799-5670 
Martin, John Shawano County Park (715)524-4986 
Martin, John Aarrowcast Inc. (715)526-3600(715)526-9758 
Martin, Theresa College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Martzke, Dustin Cellcom (715)526-2826 
Mathieu, Linda Sacred Heart Parish (715)526-2023(715)526-4105 
Mathison, Matty Shawano Pathways (715)304-9796 
Mathwich, Lori Sacred Heart Parish (715)526-2023(715)526-4105 
Matson, Christopher Heins Appliance, LLC (715)526-5120(715)524-6246 
Mattson, Bart Papa Murphy's (715)201-1500 
McGreevey, Tom The Community Blood Center (800)280-4102 
McHugh, Clayton Hometown Real Estate & Auction Co. Inc. (715)526-6661(715)526-9683 
McInnis, Colleen Aarrowcast Inc. (715)524-1665(715)526-6116 
McKinnies, Michael Life Church Shawano (715)851-6320 
McPherson, Michelle Menominee Casino Resort (715)799-3600(715)799-1325 
Mcfadden, Dennis Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center (715)793-4144(715)793-4120 
Meeuwsen, Becca Bayland Buildings Inc. (920)498-9300(920)498-3033 
Meisinger, Greg Perret Homes Inc (920)499-1757(920)499-4345 
Meisner, Lisa Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce (715)524-2139(715)524-3127 
Mellis, Greg NEW Media LLC (715)526-2121(715)524-3941 
Meloy, Barbara Wolf River Harmony Chorus (715)526-6530 
Mendoza, Barbara The F.R.E.S.H Project (715)526-5206 
Meyer, James Denmark State Bank (715)853-1213(715)201-0184 
Meyers, Jon Shawano Area Community Foundation (715)280-1110 
Mielke, Stephen Mielke Cottage (920)659-0362 
Miesbauer, Joe Edward Jones Investments (715)524-3913(866)462-3598 
Miesbauer, John Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group (715)526-6148(715)526-3669 
Miesbauer, John Shawano Hockey League (715)853-1354 
Miller, Andrew Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center (715)793-4144(715)793-4120 
Miller, Beverly Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Miller, Candi Mohican LP Gas Company (715)793-4832(715)793-4853 
Miller, Chad Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Miller, Jennifer KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Miller, Julie Community Alternatives (715)526-5566(715)526-5574 
Miller, Terrance North Star Mohican Casino Resort (715)787-3110(715)787-3129 
Miller, Vernon & Wilma Miller's Furniture & Barns (715)745-2159 
Milligan, Karen Shawano County Literacy Council (715)524-6506 
Misfeldt, Terry Shawano Area Writers (920)366-6334 
Mnuk, Katie Lakeland Care District (920)906-5100(920)906-5859 
Mocadlo, Kathi Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine (715)526-5221(715)526-2542 
Moede, Scott & Sue Moede & Sons Inc. (715)524-4211(715)524-2916 
Mohawk, Jeremy Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Mondus, John Anello's Torch Lite (715)526-5680(715)526-8636 
Mondus, Rita Anello's Torch Lite (715)526-5680(715)526-8636 
Morris, Diana College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Morrow, Jane Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center (715)793-4144(715)793-4120 
Moser, Elsie City Shoe Repair & More (715)584-3945 
Moser, Jeff City Shoe Repair & More (715)584-3945 
Mueller, Shawn Bayland Buildings Inc. (920)371-2546(920)498-3033 
Muller, Lori EXIT Elite Realty (715)940-0020(715)940-0091 
Murphy, Tim NEW Media LLC (715)853-5730(715)524-3941 
Myhra, Cole Keller Inc. (920)766-5795(920)766-5004 

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