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Rabideau, Brad City of Shawano (715)524-4545(715)524-2786 
Raddant, Keith Raddant Electric Service Inc. (715)526-6578(715)526-6596 
Raddant, Sheri Raddant Electric Service Inc. (715)526-6578(715)526-6596 
Rades, Traci AbbyBank (715)526-2265(715)526-2442 
Radue, Vicki Wandering Waves Resort (920)371-1585 
Raeder, Amy Martin's One Hour Cleaners (715)526-6184(715)526-4194 
Rambo, Carl Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats (715)253-4255(715)253-4021 
Rashidi, Wael Associated Bank (715)715-8316(715)524-3528 
Razi, Saroosh Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center (715)793-4144(715)793-4120 
Redmann, Diane J & H Game Farm (715)758-8134(715)758-8134 
Reek, David Odisha House of Rest (715)524-5111(715)526-3626 
Rehn, John Denmark State Bank (715)201-0390(715)201-0184 
Reilly, Liz Village of Tigerton (715)535-2262(715)535-2666 
Reineke, Gini Shawano County Literacy Council (715)524-6506 
Reineke, Virginia Shawano County Literacy Council (715)524-6506 
Reinke, Jake Full House Realty (715)201-8300 
Reinke, Jami Bay Title & Abstract Inc. (715)526-6100(715)526-6172 
Relyea, Travis Pine Hills Golf Course (715)787-3778(715)787-3973 
Resch, Sherry Northcentral Technical College (715)623-7687(715)253-3694 
Resick, Jackie Staff Of Life (715)524-2226(715)524-2226 
Retzlaff, Ann M. Annie's Campground LLC (715)787-3632 
Retzlaff, Austin College of Menominee Nation (715)799-5600(715)799-1308 
Reuter, Michael Radtke-Reuter Electric LLC (715)526-3811(715)524-3897 
Rhode, Mary Vye (920)884-1496 
Rhode, Sandy Drift In Cottages (715)524-4082 
Richards, Kelly Little Rapids - Shawano Paper Mill (715)526-2181(920)496-4612 
Richards, Mary Wolf River Harmony Chorus (715)201-0259 
Richlen, Wil Goodwill Industries (715)526-6185(715)526-6982 
Riemer, Greg GENEX (715)526-2141(715)526-7577 
Riley, Chanin Bob & Dave's Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Inc (920)470-9931(920)766-5292 
Riley, Denise Shawano Estates (715)524-4340(715)524-3923 
Rindt, Jenni Little Rapids - Shawano Paper Mill (715)526-2181(920)496-4604 
Ripp, Heather Riesterer & Schnell (715)526-3012(715)526-3099 
Roberts, Jeff Maplebreeze LLC (715)758-1369 
Roberts, Jodi KI-Krueger International (920)406-3520(715)758-7200 
Robinson, Anna Qualheim's True Value (715)526-6108(715)524-2319 
Rode, Morgan NEW Media LLC (715)526-2121(715)524-3941 
Rohrer, David Navarino Nature Center (715)758-6999(715)758-6999 
Roland, Grant Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group (715)526-6148(715)526-3669 
Roloff, Jeff Shawano Auto Sales (800)274-2926(715)526-5640 
Roloff, Rick Shawano Auto Sales (800)274-2926(715)526-5640 
Rose, Travis Wittenberg Area Chamber of Commerce (715)881-2111 
Rosenberg, Sue Prey & Asenbrenner Insurance Agency (715)526-2515(715)526-3140 
Rosenburg, Sue Wal Mart Super Center (715)524-5980(715)524-3611 
Rosenthal, Kevin Little Rapids - Shawano Paper Mill (715)526-2181(920)496-4612 
Roth, Rhonda Tangle Horn (715)253-2626 
Rottier, Amy Cecil Area Chamber of Commerce (715)745-4600 
Rousseau, Amanda Cobblestone Inn & Suites (715)460-6907(715)823-2017 
Rowe, Mike American Transmission Company (920)338-6500(920)338-6508 
Rozga, Jennifer Wolf River Harmony Chorus (715)853-2444 
Ruehle, Mariah Hearing Life (715)524-2688 
Rusch, Greg Dearco Distributing (715)526-2126(715)524-5575 
Russell, Rick & Kathy Fawn Lake Campground & RV Park (715)526-5775 
Ryan, Tim NEW Media LLC (715)526-7018(715)524-3941 
Rzentkowski, Sharon Cecil Area Chamber of Commerce (715)745-6444 
Rzentkowski, Sharon & Gary Cecil Fireside Inn (414)379-0990(715)745-2909 

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