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Sarnwick, Richard Aurora BayCare Health Center (715)526-6244(715)526-2328 
Sarnwick, Richard Shawano Farmer's Market (715)851-9834 
Scanlan, Ron BMO Harris Bank (715)526-7423(715)526-5085 
Scanlan, Ron United Way of Shawano County, Inc (715)526-7423 
Schade, Mary Beth United Cooperative (715)526-3197(715)524-5300 
Schedler, Jo Ann The F.R.E.S.H Project (715)526-6136 
Schmalz, Dean Central Beer Distributors (715)359-8252(715)355-5257 
Schmalz, Ron CRI / Genex Cooperative Inc. (715)526-2141(715)526-7577 
Schmid, Barbara Shawano Optimist Club (715)526-2453 
Schmid, Tim Aschenbrener, Woods, Lamia, Schmid (715)526-3191(715)524-3526 
Schmidt, Bill Forward Service Corporation (715)201-8347(715)524-4508 
Schmidt, Bill ThedaCare Medical Center - Shawano (715)526-7200(715)526-7205 
Schmidt, Bob & Barb Bob & Barb Schmidt (715)524-2485 
Schmidt, Gerald St. Paul Lutheran Church & School (715)758-8559(715)758-6352 
Schmidt, Julie Fairway Outdoor (608)784-8200 
Schmidt, Michael BayCare Clinic, LLP (920)965-4067(920)405-8004 
Schmidt, Pam Shawano County (715)526-9150(715)524-5157 
Schmidt, Russ Russ & Sally Schmidt (715)524-2353 
Schneider, John & Angela Schneider & Sons Landscaping Inc. (715)853-8754(715)745-2671 
Schorr, Bree Marco (651)288-6971(920)430-1121 
Schowalter, Heather KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Schreiber, Charmaine Shawano School District (715)526-2175(715)526-6072 
Schreiber, Sterling Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Schroeder, Amanda Pine Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center (715)823-3135(715)823-1313 
Schroeder, Jen Hearing Services of Wisconsin (715)524-4242(715)524-3352 
Schroeder, Michael Nat & Don's Oil Co. Inc. (715)526-2629(715)524-9956 
Schuettpelz, Jackie Treasures and Treats LLC (715)758-2200 
Schugel, Ashley CRI / Genex Cooperative Inc. (715)526-2141(715)526-7577 
Schuler, Mike Shawano County Job Center Inc. (715)526-4763 
Schultz, Cherie Shawano Ski Sharks (715)524-3339 
Schultz, Nancy Shawano Pathways (715)853-6072 
Schumacher, Ron Bamboo Shores Inc. (715)524-2124 
Schumacher, Ron Bowler Area Historical Society  
Schuster, Beth Senzig's Fine Home Furnishings (715)526-6196(715)524-6022 
Schuster, Richard & Susan Schuster, Richard & Susan (715)526-5032 
Schweyen, Ronni Longhorn Saloon (715)524-9195 
Schwiesow, Kurt Tower Clock Eye Center (920)499-3102(920)499-9636 
Seidel, John Dairy Queen of Shawano (715)526-5730(715)745-6043 
Selby, Liz CoVantage Credit Union (715)524-8200(715)524-8203 
Selle, Paula Selle Construction (715)535-2073(715)535-2861 
Sellen, Angela KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Senzig, Todd Senzig's Fine Home Furnishings (715)526-6196(715)524-6022 
Seybold, Steve Homme Home of Wittenberg (715)253-2125(715)253-3198 
Seymour, Greg American Marine & Motorsports Super Center (715)526-4300(715)526-8749 
Seymour, Greg Shawano Lake Lions Club (715)524-5834 
Seymour, Greg The Mooseyard Association (715)584-7210 
Shepard, Barbara Jean Shawano Sandy Shores (843)224-2746(920)525-2122 
Sheppard, Eddie City of Shawano (715)526-3512(715)526-5751 
Sherman, Lori Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Shingler, Robyn Forward Service Corporation (715)201-6596(715)524-4508 
Short, Luana Idell Johnston, Agent, State Farm Insurance (715)526-6144(715)526-5269 
Shoup, Pastor Timothy St. Paul Lutheran Church & School (715)758-8559(715)758-6352 
Singer, Lori Employment Options Inc. (715)524-8882(715)524-3380 
Sirna, Tracy WTCH-AM / WOWN-FM / WJMQ-FM / WOTE-AM (715)524-2194(715)524-9980 
Slaght, Larry Johnson School Bus Service Inc. (715)526-6430(715)526-6435 
Sloma, Katherine Aschenbrener, Woods, Lamia, Schmid (715)526-3191(715)524-3526 
Smith, Jack Aarrowcast Inc. (715)526-3600(715)526-9758 
Smith, Jake River Valley Church (715)524-4129 
Smith, Karen Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Smith, Lacey Full House Realty (715)304-8644 
Smith, Marilyn Krueger Sign & Electric Inc. (715)524-5121(715)823-5393 
Smith, Nancy J. Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce (715)524-2139(715)524-3127 
Smith, Sabrina The Blind Squirrel (715)201-1100 
Smith, Stephanie Reinhart Food Service (715)526-2118 
Sousek, Samuel State Bank (715)787-3201(715)787-4572 
Sperberg, Larry J. L. J. Sperberg Construction Inc. (715)524-4263(715)524-5507 
Sroda, Karen Marco (920)884-1532(920)430-1121 
Stachowiak, Jeff & Tammy The Lighthouse (715)526-5600(715)526-6492 
Stansky, Vickie Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group (715)526-6148(715)526-6623 
Stecker, Douglas Keller Inc. (920)766-5795(920)766-5004 
Steinke, Sandy City of Shawano (715)853-1472(715)526-5751 
Stellmacher, Wayne Keller Inc. (920)766-5795(920)766-5004 
Stevens, Amanda Little Star Convenience Store (715)787-4070(715)787-4077 
Stevens, Sally Jo Best Western Wittenberg (715)253-3755(715)253-3759 
Stevens, Sally Jo Shawano Country Tourism Council (715)524-2139(715)524-3127 
Stewart, Julie Wittenberg Area Chamber of Commerce (715)881-2111 
Stomberg, Steve Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Strebel, Rhonda Rural Health Initiative (715)524-1488 
Strebel, Rhonda Main Event Banquet Hall & Catering, The (715)745-2150 
Stubbs, Dave Keller Inc. (920)766-5795(920)766-5004 
Stuhr, Melissa Shawano Lawn & Stone (715)524-2550 
Styer, Bud Tilleda Falls Campground, LLC (715)787-4143 
Suehring, Kathy LCFS Thrift Store (715)787-4116 
Sufka, Kelly Charlie's County Market (715)524-2523(715)524-3559 
Suick, Tim Shawano Cinema l, ll, lll & lV (715)623-4570(715)524-3164 
Summers, Marie Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans (715)793-4111(715)793-1307 
Swedberg, Ellen ROADS (715)526-2631(715)524-5900 
Swedberg, Lon Swedberg Funeral Home (715)526-2631(715)524-5900 
Swedberg-Huntington, Ginger ROADS (715)526-2631(715)524-5900 
Swetlik, William Alpine Shores Professionals (715)524-2127 
Syndergaard, John & Nancy John & Nancy Syndergaard (715)526-6839 
Szutkowski, Pamela Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg (715)253-4400(715)253-3291 

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