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Hotels & Motels

AmeriVu Inn & Suites
211 S. Waukechon Street
Shawano WI 54166-2678
(715)526-6688   Fax: (715)526-6290
Nick Patel, Owner

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Map  Member Since 1987 


Best Western Wittenberg
W17267 Red Oak Lane
Wittenberg WI 54499-8450
(715)253-3755   Fax: (715)253-3759
Mike Panchal, property owner
Other Contacts: Mr. Paul Patel

Map  Member Since 2014 


Boarders Inn & Suites
W7393 River Bend Road
Shawano WI 54166-6165
(715)524-9090   Fax: (715)524-9094
Jennifer Ghent, General Manager

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Map  Member Since 2004 


Cecil Fireside Inn
400 N. Lake Drive
Cecil WI 54111-9254
(715)745-6444   Fax: (715)745-2909
Sharon & Gary Rzentkowski, Owners

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Map  Member Since 1997 


Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg
N7198 US Highway 45
PO Box J
Wittenberg WI 54499-8567
(866)910-0150   Fax: (715)253-3291
Mr. Fletcher Collins, Executive Manager
Other Contacts: Ms. Robin Holzhaeuser, Advertising Manager, Tracy Pecore, Marketing Director, Jessica White Wing Clark, Senior Manager Public Relations

Map  Member Since 2009 


Menominee Casino Resort
Menominee Casino Resort N277 Hwy 47/55
PO Box 760
Keshena WI 54135-0760
(715)799-3600   Fax: (715)799-1325
Mr. Harley Lyons, General Manager
Other Contacts: Pam Carroll, Marketing, Mrs. Michelle Crow, Hotel Manager, Joann Eisfelder, Human Resource Manager, Barbra Kakwitch, Marketing Director

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Map  Member Since 1989 


North Star Mohican Casino Resort
North Star Mohican Casino Resort W12180 County Road A
Bowler WI 54416-9401
(715)787-3110   Fax: (715)787-3129
Marie Lenz, Advertising Manager
Other Contacts: Brian Denny, Director of Marketing, Tabatha Hoffman, Marketing Clerk, Terrance Miller, Security Manager

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Map  Member Since 1992 


Odisha House of Rest
1330 E. Green Bay Street
Shawano WI 54166-2210
(715)524-5111   Fax: (715)526-3626
Mr. David Reek, General Manager
Other Contacts: Mr. Yaakov Bloomberg

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Map  Member Since 2012 

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