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Gagnow, Paul & Sarah Complete Canine Care Centre (715)524-2838(715)524-2988 
Gajewski, Jaime Shawano Title Services Inc. (715)526-3178(715)524-5384 
Gajewski, Rob Shawano Title Services Inc. (715)851-1909(715)524-5384 
Gamble, Grant Wisconsin Film & Bag Inc.-A Novolex Company (715)524-2565(715)524-8036 
Gast, Dan CoVantage Credit Union (715)524-8200(715)350-4636 
Gast, Larry The United Lutheran Parish-TULP (715)787-3367 
Gauthier, Spencer Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (715)799-3600(715)799-3373 
Gee, Autumne Sacred Heart Parish (715)526-2023(715)526-4105 
Gehm, Jessica Gehm's Club 117 (715)508-0123 
Gehm, Russ Gehm's Club 117 (715)853-8425 
Genke, Ashley Hearing Life (715)524-2688 
Genszler, Bethie Wolf River Harmony Chorus (715)250-5040 
Gerber, Steve Premier Community Bank (715)524-8100(715)524-8101 
Ghent, Jennifer Boarders Inn & Suites (715)524-9090(715)524-9094 
Gilling, Aaron Stubborn Brothers Brewery (715)701-1778 
Gilling, Amanda Stubborn Brothers Brewery (608)220-7078 
Gilling, Chelsea The Stock Market (715)851-2590 
Glysch, Scott Bay Title & Abstract Inc. (715)526-6100(715)526-6172 
Gomm, Bruce Shawano Municipal Utilities (715)526-3132(715)524-3708 
Graf, Keith Contractors Choice Lumber LLC (715)853-8579(715)201-0384 
Grassman, Don Results Broadcasting Inc WTCH-AM / WOWN-FM / WJMQ-FM / WOTE-AM (715)524-2194(715)524-9980 
Greenhill, Elsie ThedaCare Shawano-Friends of Hospice (715)853-6095 
Gretzinger, Jeremy Gretzinger's Landscaping & Evergreens LLC (715)853-7027 
Grezenski, James James Grezenski Forest Products Inc (715)344-0878(715)344-1470 
Grignon, David Menominee Indian Tribe Historic Preservation (715)799-3757(715)799-5298 
Grignon, Daynell Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (715)799-5114(715)799-3373 
Grignon, Daynell Bug Tussel AT& T Shawano (715)505-7348 
Groh, Grace Waterways Assoc. of Menominee & Shawano Counties Inc. (WAMSCO) (715)851-7840 
Grover, Steve KerberRose S.C. (715)526-9400(715)524-2599 
Grunewald, Kevin Wittenberg Sentry Foods (715)253-2161(715)253-2040 
Grzesk, Liz Lamar Advertising of Green Bay (920)347-3490(920)339-4612 
Gueths, Austin Shawano County Park (715)524-4986 
Gueths, Dawn BMO Harris Bank (715)526-7431(715)526-5085 
Gueths, Leann Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition  
Guex, Denise Shawano School District (715)526-3194(715)526-6072 
Gut, Taylor Marion Body Works (715)754-8233 
Gwidt, Tom Shawano County Snowmobile Assn Inc. (920)609-8879 
Gwin, April Kwik Trip (715)526-2939 

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